Date: 4th June 2010 at 10:51am
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Q How long have you been following Forest and what was your first game?

I could say ever since I was a glint in my father`s eye but pretty much since I was 5. My first game was v Coventry in the about 83 when I was 5 or 6. I remember we won, Birtles scoring two. My distinct memories though were the walk over Trent Bridge and the ground being lit up by the floodlights, and how ruddy cold it was.

Q – What are your most memorable moments as a Forest fan? Good and Bad.

Good ones are the 7-0 thrashing of Chelsea in 91, followed by beating Norwich 5-0 a few days later. Obviously the Wembley trips for the League Cups were awesome. The Derby away match in the 93-94 season which was screened live at the City Ground was memorable more so for poor Gary Charles` face when he let Stone score. The close up on the massive screen sent us into a frenzy. The Ipswich game where the Bart Man pivoted and scored and sealed our Championship season. Getting automatic promotion from league 1 was a day to remember too, mainly because of the twists and turns.

Bad….well my male brain tends to dismiss bad things to the part of my brain which makes them never happen. The obvious ones still rankle though, I cannot ever watch the ’91 FA Cup Final, being there was bad enough. Seeing Brian Clough`s last match was a surreal experience, sadness mixed with anger and disbelief. Any play off we ever enter into have been filed under ‘never to be remembered again`. But to be honest, the worst I have ever felt was pretty much any game when Pratt was manager. That guy really tested my love for football and Forest and only gave me hatred and apathy.

Q – Since you have been following Forest, what would your best eleven be? And who is your all time favourite player?

All time favourite player?Stuart Pearce. Simple. My team:

GK – Van Breuklen

RB – Brian Laws

LB – Pyscho

CB – Colin Cooper

CB – Johnny Metgod

LM – Steve Hodge

RM – Steve Stone

CM – Neil Webb

CM – Roy Keane

CF – Stan Collymore

CF – Nigel Clough

Q – In your opinion, what is the best goal you have seen Forest score?

For sheer joy and because it summed up all that was good about us in the late 80`s and very early 90`s Stuart Pearce`s winner v Derby when we won 2-1 at home. He burst through the left back, through midfield, interchanges with Crosby and Clough?bang, pick that out Shilts?.

Q – Best and worst away ground visited?

Tranmere was pretty dire although it did allow some great banter with Dave Beasant. This was the last game of the season and we all wanted him to sign a new contract, and he agreed!

Best and worst?the old Wembley!

Q – What are your thoughts on the proposed new stadium?

I cannot see the value of it. We have one of the best grounds in the country for our size, Main Stand being the exception which can be developed. Taking a new stadium out of town, where it will create horrendous traffic problems, creating accessibility problems for people is not a good thing. More importantly, it will be a bowl of concrete which we will not be able to fill, devoid of soul. Two words?Pride Park!

Q- Which player(s) would you like to see us sign this summer(realistically)?

Is Nicky Shorey realistic? Obviously we need a left back, although Bennett will be back too. Personally a quality goal scoring midfielder is priority if a left back can be sought who is of decent quality and is left footed. And Darren Prately for me was one of the best players in the Championship this season.

Q – All seater stadia. Good thing, or a bad thing?

Part of me thinks all seater`s have been around for so long its not worth the argument. But places like Germany and Sweden which I have visited have perfectly adequate standing areas for cheap costs (around 10-15 Euro`s plus free public transport) and they don`t have any issues. Why cannot we?

Q – What are your thoughts on how Forest did last season and how did it compare to your expectations?

Awesome, totally above my expectations. Its bollocks about us spending millions and Pleat himself justifying his position by saying we`re the biggest net spenders over the last few seasons. The fact is that at the end of the 08/09 season, with Davies taking us to safety we had bearly a team never mind a squad with seven or so loanee`s that went back. We still are playing catch up.

Q – What are your expectations for next season in the Championship?

I have every faith in Davies, and that he will progress further Forest next season. I think we will buy 2 players – a left back and a midfielder and possibly 2 season long loans. I think we will challenge for play offs again.

Q – What League position will Forest occupy at the end of the 2010/11 season?

I think we will be in top 6 but I don`t think anyone can confidently say where we will be until summer transfer activities have taken place.

Q – What’s your opinion of Billy Davies and what he’s done at NFFC, since his arrival?

He is the best manager since Paul Hart, probably better in fact and I would go far as to say the great BC. He has reinvigorated the whole club. You just have to see how the players look now, there fitter, more street wise and tougher but still playing the Forest way. Not many managers have done that in the last 20 years.

Q- Acquisitions Panel. Good thing or bad?

The fundamental process is sound. The personnel are not. Too many opinions and not quick enough to make decisions. There is nothing wrong with the scouting network, and there is nothing wrong with the way we supposedly check the player`s personal lives see if there a ‘Forest` player. But it does not take 7 panel members to make the final decision. Give Davies more accountability for signings. I think what frustrates us fans the most us we still really don`t understand the actual mechanics and who ultimately is accountable for the panel decisions. Well I am not sure anyway!

Q – Where do you sit/stand at the City Ground?

Trent End Upper, have done for 7 years or so. Before that, Exec lower for years and years, mainly so I could roar at Pyscho.

Q – Name the celebrity you would most like to bang.

So childish…..

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