Date: 19th May 2009 at 6:52pm
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Q – How long have you been following Forest and what was your first game?

Since the late 80`s, I thought Franz Carr was the best player ever because he was so fast! I was only about 6 though! First game didn`t come around for a long time though as I lived in either Devon or Cornwall, but it was Blackburn away in ’99, we lost 2-1 and it pissed it down the entire time we were in the town.

Q – What are your most memorable moments as a Forest fan? Good and Bad.

A few good one`s that I have been to spring to mind. For a single moment Lester`s last minute equaliser in 02/03 against Leics. A fantastic game was the 3-0 hammering or Derby in the same season, which should have been 6.

Worst from a game I have been at has to be going to Woking and seeing Meggo`s mug`s lose to a non league team, although the playoff semi defeats to the Blunts and Yeovil hurt worse even from watching on TV. Driving to see a game against Milwall from Exeter to then be told the last tickets had just been sold was pretty depressing as well!

Q – Since you have been following Forest, what would your best eleven be? And who is your all time favourite player?


Louis Jean, Walker, Dawson, Pearce

Stone, Keane, Reid, Woan

Collymore, Clough

Pearce has to be favourite.

Q – What would you say is the best goal you have seen Forest score?

Marlon Harewood`s goal against Palace in around `03, was a fantastic goal where he cut in from the right hand touchline nutmegged a player and scored, made all the better as I watched it with my Dad who is a Palace fan.

Q – Best and worst away ground visited?

Pompey was horrible with no roof and a tiny away stand, however Brighton is even worse, it`s terrible, your so low and far from the game you can`t see the other end of the pitch without binoculars.

Thought both Reading and Saints had nice places this season.

Q – What are your thoughts on the proposed new stadium?

Well the 2 best grounds above are new, the facilities are better etc, etc. However the don`t have the character or history of a tradition ground. In some ways it`s almost necessary to compete with other teams, it could also be a massive financial burden that doesn`t get filled though. One option would be to replace the Main Stand (and rename it after Taylor) with something bigger with better facilities, however I would like it to be done in a way that keeps the character of a traditional stadium. So I`m not sure in short, probably no but I could be converted to yes.

Q- Which player(s) would you like to see us sign this summer(realistically)?

Blackstock would be a must, unless BD gets a similar player of better quality, even then Dexter and another big 1 would be good, Nugent maybe? A really creative player would be nice, haven`t really had a good one since Reid left. Another keeper, Camp, Westwood, Kasper S or Hart have all been mentioned and all good enough for me. Gunter back again would be a bonus and a new Centre Back, maybe the tall Scottish guy who has been mentioned although I can`t say I have seen him play.

Q – All seater stadia. Good thing, or a bad thing?

I have stood at games, however only small grounds like Exeter or Woking. In those situations it`s fine, I can understand why huge 15,000 standing banks have gone though. Having said that being in the middle of a massive gigs at places like Wembley, Millenium Stadium, Finsbury Park etc probably are no different than football terraces. So perhaps they could work, would just need more control over them than there seemed to be in the 80`s.

Q – What are your thoughts on how Forest did last season and how did it compare to your expectations?

I was hoping for Mid table, and would have accepted safety, so 19th is somewhere between the 2 so that`s fine for me, although would have been nice to have know we were safe 2 or 3 games earlier.

Q – What are your expectations for next season in the Championship?

Depends on who we buy/sell, at the moment 12-16th would be fantastic, if we get the right players maybe 6th could be possible.

Q – What League position will Forest occupy at the end of the 2009/10 season?

See above.

Q – What’s your opinion of Billy Davies and what he’s done at NFFC, since arriving in January?

When he was first linked with the job in November I was quite pleased purely on his track record at Preston and the Sheep. However I didn`t know anything about him as a manager, then I started to read comments about him being dour and defensive so by the time he was appointed I was on the fence. However he has achieved his 1st goal and that`s keeping us up so I`m more than happy with that and really pleased with the way he has gone about it.

Q – Where do you sit/stand at the City Ground?

Brian Clough Upper.

Q – Name the celebrity you would most like to bang.

Kirsty Gallagher.

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