Date: 5th April 2006 at 5:27pm
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1 ? How long have you been following Forest and what got you started?

I?ve followed Forest for as long as I can remember kicking a football. My first game I went to was when I was 9; I think it was against Liverpool? My father had a good history of football so I must have got it from him.

2 ? What is your most memorable moment as a Forest fan? Good or Bad.

Good- Physco?s first game in charge of Forest and we beat Arsenal 2-1 (can you believe that, we beat Arsenal!) Worst- Loosing to the Rams with the dreaded coffee cup, remember that day Oakey!

3 ? Since you have been following Forest what would your Best Eleven be? And who is your all time favourite player?

Shilton/Physco/Louise-Jean/Walker/Dawson/Reid/Stone/Evans/Keane/Collymore/Tyson! Physco as Favourite player for his crunching style and determination!

4 ? What is would you say is the best goal you have seen Forest score?

It was Bryan Roy with a back heel across the goal and into the net! I think it was against Tottenham??

5 ? What is your favourite Forest Kit?

Labbatts is a classic!!

6 ? Who in your opinion is mainly to blame for Forests decline from the Premier League to our current plight and why?

There is a number of people who are? or could be? responsible. Mainly though I think it?s down to Mr D Platt. He spent a lot of Forest money on foreign players who we?d never heard of and didn?t achieve with them!

7 ? Do you think the Play-Offs are still a possibility, if not do you think Forest will achieve Promotion next season?

Yes I?d love us to go up! I?d be lying if I said I wasn?t. I?d be happy if we kept with our Great run were having till the end of the season and go up automatically next season!

8 ? What are your thoughts on how this season has gone and how has it compared to your expectations?

I?ve seen some shocking decisions at this club this year, but mainly this season I?ve felt for the players. Now Mr Megson has left us it looks like our players have been reborn again! Just keep it up lads!!

9 ? Which areas of the side do you believe need strengthening and are there any specific players (realistic targets) that you would like to see at Forest next season?

No specific players as such. But I would like to see good cover for left wing/right wing/centre mid and centre back.

10 ? Who would be on your shortlist of 3 for the new Manager and who would you select and why?

Ian Holloway- still young, enthusiastic and will bond with the lads and club. (If I?m honest he?s the only one who I think would fill the gap) No one else really excites me at the moment. Clough won?t due to too much pressure. Keane won?t due to experience. But then again there?s that man Hart who got us dam close a few seasons back!!!

Thanks to Wiggy for answering the first set of questions, if you would like to see more of Wiggy?s and many other fans thoughts please log visit our message forum via the link. To take a fan interview please contact either the Chairbear or The Major Oak through a PM on the forum.


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