Date: 14th April 2009 at 3:04pm
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Forest defender Kelvin Wilson got his marching orders in the 0-0 draw at Sheffield United on Monday and according to the BBC, he’s also been punished with a fine by the club.

Wilson was given a straight red for headbutting Uniteds’ Greg Halford. In fairness, it was more a simulation of a headbutt and Halford milked it for all it was worth, but nonetheless it was a stupid move by the defender.

The offence will be a double blow for the player, who now not only misses the rest of the season with a 3 match ban, he will also be hit in the pocket as well.


6 Replies to “Wilson Fined Over Red Card”

  • Just what you don’t want with the team in the position we are in. I sometimes wonder about professional footballers, what have they between the ears? The thing is will we really miss Wilson, I think not !!

  • the worst team i’ve seen at the lane in years. Wasting time after 10 mins?? whats all that about. reckon you lot are going down for sure – you are hopeless and cheats!!

  • Like the Blades would have done any different – the ref gave you over 10 minutes of injury time (combined from both halves) – so they played against 10 men for well over 80 minutes! Premiership – they’re having a laugh!

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