Date: 16th May 2017 at 9:01pm
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Nottingham Forest manager Mark Warburton has said he believes new potential owner Evangelos Marinakis will come into the club with ‘aggressive’ ambitions.

Warburton was speaking to the Nottingham Post and whilst the deal hasn’t yet 100% gone through, he indicated that talks had certainly been positive and he had been given assurances he would be backed next season.

With Football League approval on the deal between Marinakis and current owner Fawaz Al Hasawi expected to come through soon, our gaffer explained.

‘People way above my pay grade are dealing with the intricacies of it. But I know that, very much, progress is being made. We are going through the processes now that any such takeover situation demands. Fingers crossed we will reach a positive conclusion very swiftly.’

Warburton went on to say about assurances moving forward.

‘We had to get that; we had to ask the questions. The delay, from our point of view, was that we wanted to receive the guarantees and assurances that we needed. We were delighted to have received those. I have no doubt that, if it all goes well and all goes through, then the goals for the club moving forward will be aggressive.’


‘The aspirations of the owners will be made very, very clear. They are proven football people and we hope, very much, that it will reach the right conclusion. The precise targets they set us will remain private, but they are aware of the club’s stature and they are good football people.’

The former Rangers manager admitted that there had to be a sense to any ‘aggressive’ ambitions though as Forest certainly don’t want to end up under an embargo again and talks have already taken place about summer spending and even targets and everyone is aware we have to remain within Financial Fair Play moving forward.

‘What is for supporters to know is that, firstly, they will build on solid foundations and, secondly, like any owner, they will have to work within the regulations of Financial Fair Play. We have to adhere to those and make sure the club is in a healthy state moving forward. This cannot be a short-term fix. I am in touch with events, but I have always said to you that the clever guys above my pay grade do the hard work. But the processes that are taking place have to take place and I hope very much that they reach a fruitful conclusion, very quickly.’

He added.

‘We have plans in place and I have been very impressed by what I have heard. It is important to know, for supporters, that any new owners coming in, will be restricted still by FFP. That will influence every single club. It is important that this club goes forward now, with strong foundations. However, I think the aspirations they have for the club will be aggressive. They know where the club needs to be. They know the history of the club and they know what they want to achieve. Hopefully things can move forward now.’

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