Date: 29th July 2007 at 6:09pm
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Q – How long have you been following Forest and what got you started?

Since I can remember and my dad. I`ve never even contemplated supporting another team?sometimes though I wished I had.

Q – What is your most memorable moment as a Forest fan? Good or Bad.

Beating ManU at ManU 94/95. They dominated football in the 90`s and Collymore, Pearce & Co made them look like a 2nd rate side. SVC`s goal looked like he was in training, effortless.

Q – Since you have been following Forest what would your Best Eleven be? And who is your all time favourite player?

Never got to see a really great forest side and can`t really remember the late 80`s/early 90`s side so?.
Crossley: God he made some memorable howlers (throwing the ball in the net at Blackburn springs to mind) but like a fine wine he got better with age.

MLJ: Hugely underrated player in my opinion. He was a good tackler, good at going forward and for his size was fantastic in the air. Never understood why a PL team didn`t pick him up.

Cooper: Couldn`t make up my mind with this one but.. Cooper was at the top of his game whilst at forest, he was only 5`9 but dominated strikers like he was 6`9! He did all the basic`s and didn`t attempt anything he couldn`t do which for me makes a great centre back + he chipped in with a few goals a season to (20 whilst at forest)

Walker: what can I say. “you`ll never beat Des Walker”. well actually you can. Just whip in a flat chest height ball and he`ll find the top corner for ya but that aside during his first spell at forest he was arguably the best CB in the world. Again another Centre Back under 6` but he just had it all

Pearce: Arguably the best left back of all time. Great at defending, superb at going forward and a free kick feared by any wall. Just Awesome and not bad for nowt!

Stone: I have a confession to make.. I`m actually not a great fan of stone and £6m to Villa is IMO the best bit of business forest have ever done but since I have been watching forest he was by far the best right sided player we have had.

Haaland: perfect compliment to Bohinen. Another player who did the simple things very well, had a very strong tackle and had the best shot on the turn I have ever seen. Only £250,000 too? Shame that cowardly savage ended his career!

Bohinen: great passer of the ball coupled with great vision. Just one of those players a bit like Matt Le-Tissier who played the game at his own pace. I could see why frank Clarke signed both Lars and Alfie together as they were the perfect centre midfield.

Roy: The first season he was at forest he was just class netting 13 goals. injuries hampered the rest of his time at forest but it`s the first season I`m sure we all remember.

SVC: 50 goals in 71 games most of which he scored on his own. Forest`s answer to George Best.

PVH: No matter what people think of the bloke off the pitch he was fantastic on it. He was awesome with Campbell but I always wonder what he would have been like with SVC.
I also have a degree of sympathy with him over the ‘strike`. Most fans felt that the boards decisions were non of his business and that he should have just got on with what he was paid to do but the fact is, if the rest of his team mates and the fans stood up and said what the board was doing was wrong then we probably wouldn`t have missed out on top flight football for the last 10years.

My favourite player?..Without a doubt SVC.. In my opinion he was as good as anyone else in the world over the time he spent at forest and should have gone on to be even better??..shame.

Q – What is would you say is the best goal you have seen Forest score?

Well.. Take ya pick from one of the 50 goals SVC scored but if its just one, Scott Gemmills 30+yarder against Leicester at home about 94ish always sticks in my it sticks in his mind to.

Q – Best away ground visited?

Whilst watching forest? Yeah? Errrrm, I liked the Reebok as it was brand spanking at the time and was the first of the football grounds in England that didn`t look like 4 shoe boxes.

I`ve been to quite a few grounds in Britain not watching forest though and places like Old Trafford and Millennium are wicked. The oval in Belfast is cool for a rickety old ground and when I went to Hull with Mansfield I really liked the ground (it was like it was built in the middle of Wollaton park) and Mansfield took about 3/4k which was well impressive.

Q – What are your thoughts on the proposed new stadium?

Great. Though we can`t compete with the top sides on the pitch at the moment the club are laying the foundations so that we can compete with them off it which in turn makes us much more attractive to investors, fans and players as we move up the league tables meaning that eventually we will be able to compete on the pitch.
Well done to ND & MA for grabbing the opportunity.
Shows they are planning for the future and that there will be a future for NFFC.

Q- Are you pleased with the new signings made so far and is there any other player you would have liked to have seen us sign (realistically)?

In short, Yes.
I wouldn`t have mind us breaking the bank to get McLeod in. Failing that Adebayo Akinfenwa would have been worth a pop seeing as he wouldn`t have cost owt.
Also seeing as we need a right back and MLJ is available I feel that we should have gone after him even if it was just for this year.

Q – What are your thoughts on how last season ended and how did it compare to your expectations ?

I didn`t watch forest much last year and when I did see them they were awful. To be honest I wondered how we even managed to make the playoffs.
I didn`t expect much to be honest as they were woeful the season before and I didn`t think the squad was that much stronger.. I also wasn`t impressed with the appointment of CC as I just thought that they were getting rid of one negative manager to replace him with another.

Q -Despite the new signings, are there any areas in the side you think need adding to?

Going back to Q.7 a right back and another striker.

Q – Where do you sit at the City Ground?

This season I will be sitting in the upper Trent End, cus its cheap? used to sit in Upper Bridgford.
I watched the 3 home games I went to last year (I think I went to about 6/7 away though) in the BC stand but unfortunately was ejected twice (both times more to do with the company I was with.. For old blokes they should know better) and the one time I went on my own fell out with the fat bloke sat next to me and his lad cus he was too fat to sit in his own seat and he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t have mine to? so I`m staying away from the BC in future.
P.S.. I am aware that getting in trouble is neither big nor clever I just think that the BC stand is tainted for me.

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