Date: 3rd October 2019 at 4:30pm
Written by:

Usually I’m against name-calling and harsh comments when it comes to rivalries.

I’m not really a fan of things becoming vitriolic when it comes to our association with Derby County, I’d rather the fire remained on the pitch rather than in the stands. However, on this occasion I’m quite happy to let that rule slide and say that no comments are off-limits, so long as you keep them legal.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the quite frankly stupid and dangerous incident that a number of Derby County players got themselves into last week, and the aftermath that has followed them these past few days. However, in a rather controversial decision, having been left out of the team to play Birmingham on Saturday, it looked as if their punishment from the club didn’t last too long, as two of the culprits were named in the squad for their trip to Barnsley last night.

And Nottingham Forest fans were never going to miss an opportunity to kick a team when they’re down, although unlike last month when they were taking the mick out of them, this time it took a more serious tone. Reds fans absolutely tore into County for their decision to play the two culprits and the message that it sends.

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