Date: 1st September 2011 at 1:09pm
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IF Nigel Doughty wishes to keep the club, first and foremost we need a total change of senior management, a team of people who can deliver a club that stands for unity from the board to playing staff but most importantly to supporter.

You cannot put £60m into any business and be as unpopular as Doughty is yet still sit idly by and watch the club lurch from one crisis to the next.

The hatred for the club`s owner and board is now simply too much for our club to ever provide success under the current structure.

We will continue to go round in circles whilst more money than is healthy for the club is pumped in and £60m will become £65m will become £70m but success will become an ever distant pipe dream.

Nigel Doughty you have to act, we have to make him act, the fans must act with restraint but apply pressure on the owner to face the questions that so obviously need answering.

It is high time Doughty put someone in the club who is not attached to him by an umbilical cord who can negotiate a fair budget one which Doughty is comfortable with and one that with good management can be accepted by the manager and the rest of the financial team in the business as a whole.

We must look to drive external revenue, the whole club needs short, medium and long term strategies.

We need to bottom out the ground issue we either own the land and create a long term asset at the current site or we wheel and deal to find a site where this can be turned into reality.

A business with no balance sheet is no business at all, this has to be addressed and if it is a 10 year plan then it`s a 10 year plan but I fail to accept that the council would not support a community stadium on brown field land that could create inward investment in an area screaming out for it whilst at the same time free up possibly the best real estate the council has in its portfolio.

In the medium term we must start to build revenues in anticipation for a move, we must look at stadium naming rights (no I don’t like it but I don’t like spiralling costs either) the FFP should not be about tomorrows wage bill it should be about income and maximising it to give you the biggest possible budget you can get away with.

The clubs who achieve this will be in the best position long term not the ones who start hatcheting cost at the first opportunity it is business suicide and proves to me that ND is not close enough to the club and has been engulfed in a cancer of yes men and wage takers.

In the short term Doughty must acknowledge that he is the one putting the money in not the senior management team, accountability is nonexistent for Christ’s sake. It is he who will be held accountable for what we have seen since the ref blew his whistle against Swansea, we must make him realise this to effect change.

No more can he sit idly by and watch a manager throwing punches at the club whilst he blindly backs a management team that is patently obvious to everyone bar him (although he knows, he`s just in bloody mindedness mode) cannot create working relationships with anyone.

Set clear unchangeable budgets, set clear goals of reducing debt through increased revenues reduced wages and squad sizes whilst at the same time increase the standard of a core set of players.

If we need to sell a ‘star’ to create room financially to build a team then bloody do it, show some balls, man up work in the face of the ‘playing management’ understand and develop a rapport with the manager so you can intimately understand the needs of the team and respond accordingly

Interestingly we think of Stoke Wigan Norwich and Swansea as models to follow which all have one thing in common bloody good relationships between Board, management and supporters.

So Mr. Doughty can you deliver?

If not sell up, sell up responsibly, find a buyer who you can work with over time ease ownership away from you and to a new regime. Set a new way of selling a club build a local network of investment and create a long lasting legacy for NFFC.

If the fans don’t deserve it then out of respect for the £60m you have pumped in at least leave with a lasting legacy.

ND if your reading this don’t bother trying to put the Nottingham back in Forest.

Don’t bother trying to compete for endless multi million pound players.

Don’t bother trying to hold on to players who will eventually leave for nothing.

All we want is a club to be proud of, a club that makes your hair stand on end as you walk over Trent Bridge.

Nigel we want our club back PLEASE.

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  • I’m currently at work but would very much like the right to reply to this article. I disagree strongly with the vast majority of it, and feel the majority of fans whilst frustrated don’t see the situation this way.

  • I have tried to be positive about much of what goes on at NFFC. I am desperate for them to do well, like any fan, but realistic enough to know that we most likely will never compete again at the VERY highest level. But the club needs is not another year of broken promises. Not a manager of SMC’s calibre left to become the butt of jokes because he’s been duped into a postition he cannot realistically get out of without walking away from the club.

    We need honesty. We need to know what is achievable and how it will be achieved.

    If ND can’t or won’t achieve it, then now is the time to walk away with at least a small degree of integrity intact, with the thanks from Forest fans for all he has tried to do. His £60million ‘investment’ has bought him at least that much.

    But the lies have to stop and someone apart from the new manager has to be held accountable…….or stand up be and be a man and TAKE accountability, rather than laying the blame elsewhere…..

  • Mark is absolutely spot on with his assessment. Most Forest fans are astute enough to know we dont expect millions and millions spent on the club. Proper and reasonable budgets set for players wages and transfer fees both which the manager should be in charge off but working with the financial guys at the club to ensure they are rigidly kept too. A philosophy that is known to all off what the club is adhering too i.e going with young promising players who can get better with good coaching. Players as Mark rightly said may from time to time may need to be sold to help reduce debt. More importantly promises not being frittered away by the heirarchy like corn in the wind which can only lead to mistrust. Change is required at the top at the very least in attitude and outlook but perhaps its time ND looked to move the club onto people who have a far more coherent and inclusive way of moving us forward

  • Great read … gripe with ND (STILL) is to do with managing expections. If he’d sacked BD and stated that we’re skint and we need to rely on developing youth players, I could accept that….as would most fans (look how the whole club got behind Paul Hart when he was up against it financially).

    But ND didn’t….he sacked Davies because “I’m not sure he could have motivated the players for a 3rd successive PROMOTION push”……then appointed the Ex-England Manager(!) who surely would only have come here if he thought he was going to receive significant financial backing – raising expectations further. That’s a serious mis-match of what appears to be ND’s and SMC’s idea of our ‘plan’.

    You can’t balme SMC for being frustrated about his perceived ‘lack of backing’, nor can you blame ND for not providing a bottomless pit of money.

    What I will blame ND for is generally poor decision making with his managers – hiring Platt, not backing Hart, hiring Megson, not backing Davies …..and firing Davies is starting to look like the mother of all clangers.

    On positive note – we DO have a decent squad. The players that have gone were not 30-40 games a season players and, with the exception of Wilson (based on ability not attitude!) won’t be missed.

    But the whole club needs to be pulling in the same direction (I think BD got a slap for pointing out how well Norwich did this last season).

    We need to do our bit – The fans need to get behind the players, cos they need us more than ever now. Bums on seats, Vocal support and spending money with the club (though that’s about the limit of what we can do).

    The club’s board need to do their bit and start embracing, not alienating the fans and as others have pointed out, start squeezing every last penny of profit from the business/commercial side – it is a joke that at a ‘big game’ you can’t get near buying a beer or a pie – and perhaps that might mean taking their heads out of their own a*ses and taking a good look at how they do their jobs?

    SMC needs to come out now and back his players – how must they feel? (As for him needing 6 months to find his feet – he could have done worse than started with the core of Davies’ side). He has a reputation as a good coach – let’s see some evidence of it.


  • The anti Doughty stance of this Free Forest propaganda vehicle is one of the reasons why a lot of ex-posters no longer bother with this site It will continue to marginalise itself with unfounded artitcles of this nature.

  • I would just like to point out that I am in no way a supporter of Free Forest and apart from reading their website several years ago I would not know who they are.

    I desperately want to see ND succeed as Chairman I think he deserves it for ploughing all the cash in but somehow someone somewhere has got to be accountable for the money and results and that is the crux of this article taking responsibility and accountability. My ideal solution would be to get a new board in made up of ND’s men a local business or 2 and maybe even a supporter from a supporters trust. If ND wants help he need look no further than the supporters

    If that makes me free forest then so be it

  • The majority of fans disagree? I don’t know who you’ve been talking to. If you don’t want to see Forest succeed, if you’re happy with mid-table Championship, if (and this one is pretty crucial) you REALLY believe that Nigel Doughty has any long-term vision for this club, then I would question how much of a fan you can really call yourself. It’s not disloyal to the club to question the way the current administration is running it into the ground. Are all those Geordies calling for Mike Ashley to sell being “disloyal”? What a lot of dung! ND thinks he has a 20-25,000 gate guaranteed for every home game in perpetuity and he has been taking advantage of exactly the sort of blind loyalty displayed in some of these posts for far too long

  • My statement was addressed to site rather than your article in particular Mark. The journalistic values (and the values of the site as awhole) have tumbled over the last year.

    PS Hello Kev.

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