Date: 4th May 2009 at 9:24am
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Chris Cohen has been one of very few shining lights in the Forest side this season and his workmanlike performances from midfield in the Garibaldi, have earned him the one day to be highly prized accolade of, Vital Forest Player of the Season.

In truth, there were only three players in the race and Cohen wins it by a country mile. You gave Cohen more than 51% of the vote, with Robert Earnshaw coming in second with just over 30%. Wes Morgan won second place on the official site, but only came in third on our poll with a little over 16%. Some idiot voted for Smith, but that was probably a protest vote due to the lack of quality on offer.

Chris Cohen also won the award on the official site, but this is the one that counts, surely? Cohen takes the award from last years winner Julian Bennett, who hadn’t heard of Vital Forest at the time either. Guinless will be going all out this summer to stalk Chris Cohen and ensure he’s made aware of this soon to be much sought after award and in turn made aware of our existence.

Well done to Chris, he richly deserves this award. If he could just pop up with the odd goal now and again, he really will be a class act. It’s thanks in no small part to his efforts in games this season that we have survived. Congratulations and here’s to a successful 2009/10.


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  • I wouldn’t say Smith deserves the award ahead of Cohen, Earnie or Morgan – but why would somebody have to be an idiot to vote for him? By and large he’s had a consistent season amidst constant (and oft unwarranted) criticism by people I’d be more inclined to question the intellect of.

  • The “idiot” comment was an off the cuff and poor attempt at making light of the fact that only one person voted for him. As for Smith’s abilities, I’d say his and others such as Perch, Chambers, Wilson, Breckin and even our perpetually injured hero Nathan Tyson, are the main reasons why we have struggled not only this season, but previous one’s too. Can’t wait for Billy to start wielding his trusty axe to get rid of the deadwood that’s been holding us back for so long.

  • Agree with Wilson, agree with Chambers with the acknowledgement he’s played out of position more often than not.

    Other than that it seems to just echo some of the brainlessness that I read on the message boards and occasionally in the stands.

    It will be interesting to see what Davies does, I think it will surprise a few people.

  • If thinking that Smith is a decent keeper makes me “brainless,” then I’m guilty as charged. He does possess some qualities needed to fill the role, but he has too many faults in other areas to be considered good enough. I don’t make any apologies for criticising certain players. They deserve it. We’ve struggled for too long with mediocre players, hopefully the arrival of BD will put an end to that. It will indeed be interesting to see what he does. I’m looking forward to a full season under The Scruffy One.

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