Date: 14th June 2013 at 5:23pm
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Well they say it`s out there and if ever there was a subject done to death relating to Forest then it surely has to be the truth.

Split into 2 distinct camps lining up like the long awaited Pacquiao, Mayweather tear up months have passed like rounds with both camps swinging frantically at each other claiming every half blocked shot as a clean punch.

So what is the truth or as near to the truth as we can surmise?

Starting in the, we got blues corner is it fair for our more optimistic cousins to suggest we are dealing with a bunch of misery guts, I don`t think so there is undoubted evidence to the contrary, no matter what level of optimism may be.

It is simply against protocol to recruit a CEO with such close ties to a manager to such an extent that surely it must come with the compromise of perhaps more openness than you would like but come on there`s no such thing as a free lunch.

Jimmy boy courts controversy don`t shirk from it Forest you have nothing to hide don the gloves and tackle these questions head on.

If you don`t well, say what you will you put your chin out don`t blame the fans for taking their best shot.

Another undoubted fact is we have lost staff from the top of the organisation to the bottom no CEO no Media Officer no Financial Director and key personal missing from a standard clubs roster across the footballing side of the business no more so glaring than Burt and Marshall

Now should we expect replacements so quickly who knows we cannot get consensus on that over months of squabbling but one thing we should be expecting in this day and age of 24 hour news feeds is increased communication and a more open approach to give comfort we are in a good place or transition is in effect, sadly the club has fell short here and in turn has created the perfect environment for concern.

Over in the come on you reds corner the excitable noise from the fans unshackled from the years of endless tyranny falls deaf on the more cautious surely 18 signings, upgrades to the ground and Billy King of Billy`s is back is enough for anyone to see the light.

Now what degrees of optimism are being shown here, undoubtedly the club is in a better position year on year we have gone from missing out on relegation to missing out on the play offs, the fans united behind the manager for the first time since Hart and the squad in a perfect position to be molded but in Geddy Henri Cox Magic Reid Hendo and Co more quality in place than for many a season.

So coming up to 12 grueling month`s action are we any closer to the truth, yes we are the defining moment of Fawaz`s short term reign is upon us in 2 short months his first 2 years will be defined and I expect us to be in a position to challenge, the Championship can be turned on the signing of on player be it Taarabt, Vydra or Sinclair one defining moment in the transfer market over next 2 months plus sensible squad additions and we are there

So as the great Mohammed Ali once said “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

Fawaz over to you!!!


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  • Long article – but great club – greatest manager ever – Cloughie – Even my mum loved him – Great history – Great players!
    Why I even enjoyed Duncan McKenzie!
    You will be back.
    Can you believe what Palace did?

  • A fair bit I agree with in the article, on e you decode it, but you’ve gotta learn to use some full stops!! It’s a stream of consciousness.

    In summary:
    + Really good signings (some loans) give us as strong a midfield as we’ve had in a long time.
    + Billy is a good manager
    + Gone, it seems, is the constant tension with the club hierarchy (remember the TAP)
    + we seemed to get our business done at record pace and very efficiently in the transfer market last year.
    + although nothing much is happening in terms of transfers, the window means it is in selling club and players interests to play a waiting game.
    + Since firing the old guard the off field side has come out of the dark ages: big screens, early bird season tickets, and a more proactive media approach that has Ms Jackson eating out of the palm of the owners hand, as well as owner and club on twitter. Not everything is public but the days of total radio silence are behind us
    Against this:
    – The role of Billy’s associate is a bit mysterious (although a large % of appointments in the private sector are shoe ins rather than interviews)
    – there have been a couple of ‘cash flow mismanagement’ stories, although not as serious as some would have us believe.
    – Fawaz has been quite a trigger happy boss so I hope he stays the course with Billy if we go through a rough patch
    – the strategy got rather confused. It began well with long term sustainability, then the owners head was turned by the prospect of a quick fix push – the disaster that was McLeish. But hopefully the lesson is learned and the balance with Billy will be to give promotion a real go, without sacrificing the future.

    If ever you feel hard done by as a forest fan here’s my advice: get on you tube and watch the humiliating advert for Venky’s chicken that the Blackburn squad were made to do, and just think: it could have been us #narrowescape

  • When Billy came back I suspect he said to the owners you must sack Arthur, Pelling etc and I am bringing my own team in. Billy looks after his own – always has done. He wants to run the club and has engineered a position whereby he effectively is. He has also brought in his relative Jim Price as he needs a new job having been struck off. Price has said Billy will now have another adviser for personal matters to avoid any conflict. This is laughable. Price does what Billy tells him. The Percy rumours are unfortunate, as is the fact he is a journalist and even worse a journalist that supports forest. I suspect Arthur , Pelling and co will be bringing claims against forest and I suspect all these “irregularities” are how the claims may be defended. Whether there is any substance to them, no-one really knows, including Percy. What we do know however is there were irregularities at Price’s old law firm. Additionally we have a situation with no management structure in place at the Club. We have Billy, Price then Fawaz. Billy is a decent hard working manager but neither him, Price or Fawaz have any experience of running a football club. Price should not be there as it clearly is a conflict. Let Billy get on with the football side of things and recruit a boardroom management team, otherwise this could descend into a farcical situation. DAN

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