Date: 28th September 2011 at 10:22pm
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Breaking news on all the news feeds this evening, report that Nottingham Forest have parted company with David Pleat.

Pleat joined the club in 2006 as a football consultant, with the supposed aim of helping then manager Colin Calderwood recruit new signings and to advise the club on all manner of football related issues.

He was heavily criticised by former manager Billy Davies, for his involvement in the clubs’ much maligned Acquisitions Panel and according to some reports tonight, was sacked on the recommendation of manager Steve McClaren.

With feelings running high amongst many supporters over the clubs’ lack of investment, failure to bring in new players, current form and league standing, this could be viewed as a way of placating those disgruntled fans. With talk of supporter protests at the game against Birmingham at the weekend, this move may be seen by some as a way of deflecting attention away from the board.


7 Replies to “Pleat Axe For The Good Of NFFC or To Appease Fans?”

  • Whether fan discontent had anything to do with it or not, I think it is the right decision. I never rated or liked Pleat, and fundamentally having someone with that much power but no responsibility seems wrong.

    Perhaps the decision by pleat to do media interviews about other clubs on five live in the final afternoon of the transfer window whilst the club missed its targets was the last straw.

    On the plus side, even if Scheve only lasts another 4 weeks, getting Pleat out of the equation could be his lasting legacy!

  • Good news whatever the motivation behind it. Pleat did seem to hold each of the previous managers back, particularly as he had the ear of the chairman.

  • Seems to be amove in the right direction. Pleat has presided over a terrible time at Forest. Never really sure why he was appointed, other than one of ND’s Spurs chums. Never sure about his managerial skills, let alone his ability to ‘talent spot’ or organise a chook raffle to save his-self!.. Don’t let the door hit your a55 on the way our Pleat….jacka55!

  • Was Pleat employed by Forest anyway? Think he was a consultant so would be freelance. Bit of PR by the club, they obviously think the fans have one brain cell between them if they think this will paper over the cracks. Much more needs to be done- Marthur should go but Doughty will not get rid of him.

  • It’s just spin from the club, everyone knows and they aren’t fooling anyone. He’s been fired as “Football Consultant”, whatever that meant and he’s been given a new title of “Associate Director”, whatever THAT means. The bottom line is that he’s Doughty’s buddy and he’s as far away as Doughty’s cell phone. He was a joke as a player, not much better as a manager and he’s been a millstone for every manager since Calderwood. He’s still here boys, it’s all spin and lies from the other millstones. The club are in dire danger of losing the fan base’s confidence completely. Trust went out the window long ago.

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