Date: 4th June 2020 at 10:30am
Written by: Barney Laws

A near faultless record.

And if it weren’t for one absolutely terrible display from the team away to Huddersfield then he’d be the definition of invincible this season, but alas it just isn’t to be.

I’m talking of course about Samba Sow.

Given that he holds the third-highest average rating for the club on WhoScored, it’s no wonder people are discussing just how important he is.

A poll that we ran a while back on Vital Forest sort of gave us an idea about him, but to see it put in numbers by the club, and for them to have their own debate about it pretty much confirms the sentiment.

Will Samba Sow still be with us next season?





They put out a post on their Twitter feed yesterday, in which they pointed out Sow’s incredible record whilst a member of the Forest team, showing that he has only lost one game since he joined us last summer, and asked fans just how important he is to the team, and judging by the responses the answer seems to be… very.

What about you? What have you made of Sow’s performances this season?

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