Date: 2nd October 2011 at 10:20pm
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Nigel Doughty has announced that he is to stand down as chairman of Nottingham Forest at the end of the coming season and bring to an end his 12 year association with the club.

The official statement from the club says. Part of the role of Chairman is to accept responsibility for what happens at the club. As such, Mr Doughty accepts responsibility for his personal decision to recruit Steve McClaren as our Manager in the close season. Given our very poor start to the season and Steve’s resignation today Mr Doughty feels it is only right to do so.

In his 12 years at the club, Mr. Doughty has invested a reported £65m. Despite this, the club has failed in his stated aim and ambition, to achieve or retain Premiership status. Three of those 12 years saw the club languishing in League 1, but we looked to have turned the corner when Billy Davies took over in 2009. Davies was sacked earlier this summer following two successive Playoff defeats and was succeeded by Steve McClaren.

The club say they will begin the search for a new chairman immediately, but Mark Arthur will still maintain his role as CEO. The statement ends saying that Mr. Doughty will continue to support the club financially, through the implementation of Financial Fair Play rules, which are expected to be introduced in the Championship next season.


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  • Hmm there’s a turn up…. the bad PR not good for his other businesses perhaps?
    When looked at in the cold hard light of day, he was a Forest fan seeing this along time ago as a good thing. Not being a Football person he was stuffed and he lacked the smarts and more importantly the advisers intially to get the best people to Forest. Being on the Board or committees of the FA doesnt mean you get the best advice…the FA, saw him as Mr Money Bags and spent their time sucking up to him instead of giving him the right infomation….Davd Pleat for one, was a dud and it was a job for the boys, not for the best person for our club.

  • That Nigel Doughty has said he’s had enough after Sunday’s pointless protest (and pointless game) suprised me, I must admit.. ND is a very successful buisnessman who has ploughed megabucks (by any normal measure) into Nottingham Forest. That he should give in at the first sign of unrest from a couple of hundred people is something I really didn’t expect. Having said that, why should he put up with such crap after all he’s done for the club.
    That his money and efforts have gone unappreciated in today’s world is less suprising. The demand for success is deep and heartfelt amongst the club’s supporters. People have been bought up on the legend of Brian Clough’s Forest,The great things that they achieved and somehow still believe such things are possible in the modern game. They are mistaken.

    Nottingham Forest, despite being one of the bigger players in the Championship for the last tywo years, are losing £250,000 a week. That’s half million quid a home match, twelve million pounds a year. and still some fans say ND hasn’t backed his managers.. To keep this club challenging for the top doen’t come cheap, and it’s ND who picked up the bill.

    Player’s wages account for 105% of the club’s income. Yet fans (and managers) always want more. Well nowaday’s there IS no more. This club has to live whithin it’s means or it will go under. Adninistration will not be far away when ND pulls out, indeed if he demands the money back that he’s already put into the club to keep it afloat, then we will already be in admin with all that that contains.

    The Forest fans who were fooled into protesting on Sunday by the malcontents at Vital Forest did their club a disservice. One they may come to regret. Whoever takes over from ND as chairman or owner will not get an easier ride, the finances needed to go take the next step are beyond most poeple who have a legitimate interest in NFFC..

    The history of this club is now becoming a millstone around it’s neck. Sometimes it seems nothing is good enough for some of our fans. To come close to promotion twice, with a young improving squad (admittedly without a recognised left back) should have been a source of optimism, alas with some Forest fans the opposite was true, they turned on Billy Davies, and they have turned on the owner.

    A minority of fans have had their say and have had a disproportionate effect on the fortunes of this club. this is a dark day indeed in the history of Nottingham Forest.

  • if we are losing 250k a week then after 12 years if its not been sorted out he deserves to go
    i hope smc spills the beans on him, unlike every other manager who has had their silence bought with hush money smc has not took hush money. smc was promised the world to take the job and then shafted by doughty, only 1 player that has come in was on smc list and that was miller
    billy was sacked by doughty so all those fans singing we want billy back can look no further than doughty for the blame, billy was in the last year of his contract and would have spilled the beans on doughty at the end of it, hence the sacking and gagging order with enough money to fund the salary if at least one maybe two stellar players.
    losing money hand over fist………who is to blame for letting players contracts run down and then leave for free? who is responsible for the derisory offer for players fee`s and wages?……..dont say arthur because he is doughtys puppett, doughty has all the last words, arthur is there to take and deflect the flack…………dare i say it? might as well….personally there is a lot of suspicion arounf players coming here, vehrok, routledge, whittingham, pratley…..would the powers that be try and get the fans hopes up by going public with names like they….only to delibarately sabotage the deals knowing they really dont want the players here but making it look to the fans like they “tried”

  • Sory Reddog you are miles off. Ok you go into bat for him and his business accumen, but he had his chances, stuffed them, didn’t or wouldn’t take advice.
    Bining this site and the supporters is out of order, we have to agree to disagree.

  • Do we not need to separate Mr. Doughty?s roles when discussing his reign?

    First of all no-one can deny that he has, and still is I might add, a wonderfully magnanimous owner who saved us from extinction twelve years ago. He is a fan and every other fan should be eternally grateful to him for that. Who else would have done what he did? You have to have a large degree of sympathy for him because he genuinely seems like a very nice man, and I for one certainly do. Thank you Mr. Doughty from the bottom of our hearts.

    As a chairman however, the guy sucked. He twisted when he should have stuck, he stuck when he should have twisted and he never did know how to buy one . He?s made mistake after mistake. Hindsight is a wonderful thing to be sure but this guy takes the biscuit.

    His biggest mistake was not the one he is admitting to i.e. hiring McClaren, it was not backing and then firing the most successful manager we?ve had in years. What a clanger that was! He knew the guy was abrasive when he hired him so he can?t say he didn?t know what he was getting. If it was a personality clash between Billy and either Arthur or Pleat then once again he backed the wrong horse. And as far as any new chairman goes, what power will he have? ? he will still have a reporting responsibility to his shareholder(s). ND will still make all the final decisions, unless he sells the club to new owners, he?s the sole shareholder and the buck will always stop with him unless and until that changes.

    Here?s my point: If Mark Arthur is NOT culpable for any of the major decisions and failures as Doughty insists, and is simply an employee following instructions, it has to be said then that ND and ND only is responsible for the mess we are in. Instead of taking the ?honourable? path, like some 1840?s English gentleman and falling on his sword by resigning, should he not be a big boy now, accept his responsibility, roll up his sleeves and fix this unholy mess he has created? Instead he reminds me of a little boy taking his ball and running home to his mommie because the lads won?t let him play what position he wants to?

    Man up Doughty for crying out loud.

  • You’re an ungrateful so and so DRD. You should be thanking the protesters, not berating them. One day you’ll realise it was all for the best. You can apologise then.

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