Date: 19th September 2011 at 2:43pm
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In light of unrest amongst a certain section of the Nottingham Forest supporter base, club Safety Officer Alan Bexon has issued the following reminder concerning flags and banners at the City Ground.


They do not cover advertising boards or similar.
?They do not block the view of others.
?They do not block any exit routes or signs.
?They do not create a safety hazard.
?They are not Racist, Obscene or Abusive in content.
?They do not create conflict between supporters.

Large flags should be fire retardant and carry the appropriate labelling. A test certificate may be requested before being allowed into the stadium.

Surfing flags are not permitted in the stadium.

Poles that may be used as a weapon or that could compromise public safety are not permitted (Ground regulation No 7)
i.e. above 1 meter in length or more than 1cm in diameter.

A final decision on suitability will be made by the Ground Safety Officer should it be necessary.


3 Replies to “NFFC Policy On Flags And Banners”

  • so are every away fals that sits on seats inspected?

    are the money shop banners and black canvas that sit across seats the correct material?

    expect any protest with a banner to be snuffed out very quickly

  • Just wear a Tee Shirt – they cant stop that and the cameras will still pick it up – Who do they think they are – The Politburo or The Chinese State Police ? Outrageous

  • Short of not turning up, or the chants or getting on to talkback radio. Perhaps N Doughty is a control freak afterall?

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