Date: 29th August 2011 at 1:37pm
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Steve McClaren has delivered a stark message to the board of NFFC, by telling them he needs additions to his squad if he’s to mount a serious promotion campaign.

McClaren has also warned that a failure to make the necessary additions to the squad will lead to a season of struggle and not one where we were supposed to be serious contenders for promotion.

The 4-1 defeat at home to West Ham yesterday, was definitive proof (if any was needed), that the current squad is woefully short in terms of numbers and the quality required to make a promotion challenge. McClaren told the Evening Post. ‘What happens over the next few days will decide whether we can win promotion or not. Absolutely it will, without a shadow of a doubt. What we do now, over the next few days, will determine whether we are good enough to challenge or whether we are scrapping to get into the play-offs. I don’t want that. So, I will be making it quite clear what we need. Deliver it or it is going to be a long season.’ McClaren also asked for the club to show what ambition it had. “Over the next few days, we will see the ambition of this club. That is the key thing we will see. We need to go the extra step now.”

I for one am delighted to hear McClaren say what most fans have been saying for the past two seasons. Chairman Nigel Doughty will argue that he has invested heavily in the squad over that period, but the true facts would prove that his investment has always been too little, too late and never at the right time. The very fact that we have been waiting for nigh on 3 seasons for a left footed full back, merely serves to prove how slow to react the board of this club really are.

The big question now, is will McClaren be backed with the players he wants and needs, or will Mr. Doughty insist that the money he’s put in so far this season is the maximum he will sanction? If it’s the latter, then McClaren’s warning will probably come true. My fear with that, is it could turn out much worse than the manager predicts, if the support from the board fails to materialise, a relegation struggle could be on the cards. Once again Mr. Doughty….it’s over to you Sir.

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7 Replies to “McClaren – Show Me The Ambition”

  • SMc will be gone by Christmas. ND and MA have clearly not provided what was promised him when they convinced him to come to the CG!!!!

  • Same old ,same old…! Can’t see the non-acquisitions committee getting anyone of note…someone on a free who’s past their sell by date. Latest rumour is a 32 y-o Burnley reserve !……mind you he’d fit in well with half the signings we’ve brought in so far ! As a Forest fan for 50 years ,I’ve just about lost all confidence in the ability for this board to do anything useful…and that includes the clods who took on Matt Gillies after he’d ruined Festa !

  • Hang on a minute. We’ve got 5 new faces all with premier league experience and we had closed the deal on the runner up for Dutch footballs player of the year. The problem with the LB seems to be that after the board got the message loud and clear (Marthur said this summer we hadn’t really had a recognised player in the role since psycho) maclaren then comes along and tells them we don’t need one cos Cohen can play there. It still doesn’t seem to have dawned on him that he is sacrificing one of the best midfielders in the division.

    I hope we sign a pacey left winger and a left back – but we honestly don’t need much more than that, and we can easily offload a couple of the less effective strikers to stay within wage budget.

    Given the vision the club showed to tempt verhoek to come to a second tier club, you have to be optimistic. Whether it will be in the window or through a shrewd loan signing I do t know. All I can say is – please God let’s get seine whose loan doesnt finish prior to the playoffs!! Now that WOULD be déjà vu.

  • Derbyred88,as someone who just about remembers when we signed Joe Baker and the days of Bob Mckinley and Peter Grummitt,I totallly understand these sentiments.It really is true that what goes around comes around.
    However:in the summer we sacked a manager who in his three seasons with us had saved us from relegation and twice taken us to the play offs.As I understood it,his sacking was basically for two reasons:Firstly he was too critical of the backing he received or rather did not receive from the board.Secondly,and would you ever have credited it could happen, incredibly, a “better manager” also suddenly became immediately available.
    All this was less than 12 weeks ago.Now the better manager is also being critical of the backing he is not getting and apparantly saying in terms that he may not even do as well as the last manager unless by inference he gets better backing than him.
    It is all begining to look like either the new manager was incredibly gullible or seriously misled.
    Whichever, to my mind he so far mostly gives the imprerssion of being happy to look to a quick fix by buying descending stars within a restricted budget rather than either buying quality or bringing on new talent (I accept it is early days and with some of the new signings this mayturn out to be a wrong view).PersonallyI would prefer him to go find and then bring on the next Ian Storey Mooore.
    I do worry a little that we might be losing our identity.The pattern does seem to be emerging of getting mostly reasonably good managers,not backing them and then after a couple of years or so deftly evade responsibility by blaming them when they fail to delive a blue chip team purchased with penny shares as a quick fix.
    The fan within me says there are over 40 games to go and we are only 5 points off the play offs.
    The wiser(?) man in me says it is not rocket science to be able to see who should really have been sacked in the summer.As I say I think we are arguably losing our identity.For years we have never been good enough nor addressed why not in the right way.If we can afford to buy sucess fine Do it properly.If not lets build it but do that properly.(We had Hart but sacked him too).Lets get shot of this wide boy have it next week nonsense.
    I for one will be up for a revolution circa end of November if the new manager is then still winging about his squad and we seem to be going nowhere.

  • Well now we have one day left !…….good planning from Martha and the Muppets ! If nothing happens today ,which I doubt, I hope Steve Mc walks and Martha,Doughty, Pleat and co. end up in the doodoo they thoroughly deserve! I’m not holding my breath for a miracle!

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