Date: 26th June 2019 at 5:16pm
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Whenever you leave a workplace, you might be tempted to try and take things with you as you leave, sort of a leaving present. A couple of pens, a notepad and maybe an office chair if you’re really ambitious and reckon you can sneak it out without your boss seeing.

However a report has emerged from The Guardian, that former owner Fawaz al-Hasawi has taken with him something a little bit more valuable, the club’s replica of the 1959 FA Cup. The report suggests that Forest did not have a replica of the 1959 FA Cup in their possession when Al-Hasawi took over the club in 2012, and so he commissioned the replica at a cost of £23,000.

Whilst news like this isn’t a big shock to Forest fans, given how he ran the club, making his way through nine different managers during his time at the City Ground and even having to fight off claims that he was interfering with team selections, something that he strenuously denied.

So when the news broke that he was still in possession of the cup, a few Forest fans took to Twitter to express how they felt over the situation. Some seemed to think that this was just normal behaviour by their former owner and weren’t too bothered by it, whilst others took it up a notch, saying that this was one example too many of how badly he treated the club during his time there.

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