Date: 18th September 2011 at 2:27pm
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Former City Ground legend and European Cup winning hero Kenny Burns has been sacked by Nottingham Forest. He acted as an ambassador for the club and helped entertain supporters on match days and hospitality events.

It’s understood that he was relieved of his duties last week, following comments he made on his weekly column for the Evening Post.

Kenny Burns was merely voicing the same concerns that not only the supporters had, but also the same concerns as some of the current playing staff at the club, as well as the manager Steve McClaren.

Andy Reid has been been quoted in the press recently airing the same concerns and fears for the club, that Kenny Burns has. Steve McClaren has already threatened to walk away from the club in light of the clubs’ failings in the transfer market. The comments made in the article by Burns were merely pointing out that those issues have yet to be resolved.

The way the club has acted on this matter is nothing short of a disgrace. Burns is a genuine City Ground legend. His list of achievements whilst serving the Reds’, include 2 European Cup winners medals and 2 League Cup winners medals. He was also an ever present in the side that won the First Division title in 1978, as well as being voted the Football Writers Player of the Year in the same season. In his 5 years at NFFC, he achieved 100% more than that of those who have sacked him after twice that amount of time at the club.


8 Replies to “Kenny Burns Sacked For Speaking The Truth”

  • Our club is becoming a joke and a laughing stick we can’t even beat an average derby team with 10 men, the players mcclaren ha brought in are not good enough. Mcclaren out, back room staff too. Bring in Martin O’NEIL we should have never sacked Billy look where we were last season and the season before with the same player and now look where we are it’s clear the defence don’t like mcclaren Billy got the best out of average players

    Annoyed season ticket holder Trent end upper

    Our voices need to be heard

  • The rubbish at the top are a disgrace to the club ! KB was an integral part in making the Reds famous , long before Marthur and his Muppets were ruining Notts Cricket Cub, never mind ruining ours !! Its a pity the speed of this decision isn’t shown when signing new players ! Get thee gone, board !

  • Kenny Burns will be remembered long long after the Muppets running NFFC have gone!!!

    Kenny Burns a Legend of the Highjest Order.

    Marthur and ND a right pair of ****s you really are. Sell up and **** off!!!

  • Utter disgrace – the man was a great servant to the club. No good sacking the manager – I actually like his candid remarks it’s refreshing – if you get O’Neill in there will still be no funds so it makes no difference. The Board have once again shown that they have no idea when it comes to PR apart from ‘Spin’ We are fast becoming a joke – I have said it so many times on here – the Board should sell the club to someone with dosh – there must be a covert business reason we don’t know why they don’t want to sell or spend money the FFP thing is just a major smoke screen. They are treating us like prats – Mediocrity beckons if they stay. So sad about us !

  • Have to agreewith Essexman, no good piffing the gaffer, same stuff different days. The problems are at the very top. Oblivion and a long climb back.
    Sorry to see you go Kenny, you loved the club, got the results and memories to prove it. Better then to be leaking outside in, not the inside out. Respect Kenny !

  • So it turns out today that Kenny actually did do something beyond the pale, at least for most of civilized society.

    Being a great player does not make you great at everything.

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