Date: 2nd December 2006 at 2:29pm
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Psycho remains top once again but Widdow has closed in on him with only a 6 point gap between them both. I had the chance to take 3rd place by taking over Wallis who got zero, I didnt take it and remain 4th with Wallis still in third. Guinless took the chance to go into 5th place taking over Lordyred in 6th who managed to get the whole of -3! DanTheMan stays in 7th, 10 points infront of Bevchenko who is in 8th place. Midland has finally managed to get into triple figures but only just on 100 points in last place.

1 Psycho 184
2 Widdow 178
3 Wallis 149
4 Jono Mee 148
5 Guinless 129
6 Lordyred 127
7 DanTheMan 114
8 Bevchenko 104
9 Midland 100