Date: 23rd October 2006 at 11:41am
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Over the past two weeks the league has swapped around slightly. Psycho remains top who got most of his points off Williamson with 20 points over the past two weeks. In 2nd place is Widdow who had Trundle and Beckett scoring a couple of goals two weeks ago for him. Wallis has made a big leap to get into 3rd with Flynn and Trundle getting him the majority of his points. Here is the league table in full…..

1 Psycho 142
2 Widdow 120
3 Wallis 114
4 Jono Mee 112
5 Lordyred 110
6 DanTheMan 93
7 Bevchenko 79
8 Guinless 78
9 Midland 63

Any problems PM me.

Good luck for the next set of matches!