Date: 1st September 2010 at 8:30am
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The ‘four or five stellar’ signings that Billy Davies was looking to make during the transfer window did not come off, in fact there was little activity at The City Ground full stop. None at all yesterday.

Bids for players had been rejected earlier in the transfer window, although as Tuesday’s 6pm deadline got closer there were no signs of movement in or out of the club – at least the non-movement out was a bonus!

Billy Davies said he wasn’t keen on using the loan transfer window, although he might not have any option now unless he really is happy with what he has and feels that can see Forest through until the New Year?

What are your thoughts on the deadline days (lack of) activity?

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4 Replies to “Deadline Day Sees NO Forest Movement”

  • Doesn’t surprise me at all.Wish I could get either a job on the laughably called”Acqisitions Committee” ,where you get paid for doing nothing…..OR , a job in the “Forest Public Relations and Information Office ” which appears to have a similar work ethic judging by its output. I think it’s the latter that is the most irritating to me ,makes me feel like a mushroom….live in the dark and…!!

  • Two transfer windows with virtually no activity inward of any significance. Its going to be a long long winter…

  • DeJa Vu – another failure in the playoffs to reach the Premiership, then ambition and investment from those that matter at NFFC are sadly lacking – when most other clubs strengthen??????? Baffling state of affairs, lucky for them that over 14000 loyal fans have already committed to buying season tickets!

  • No we failed to strengthen the squad.
    Still there’s no need for sone of the ridiculous OTT post’s of the last couple of day’s.
    I’m suprised our fans have any wrist’s left.

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