Date: 6th October 2008 at 12:45pm
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After what seems like years of planning and fund raising, a date has been set for the unveiling of a statue to commemorate the late, great Brian Clough.

November 6 will see Cloughies’ widow Barbara unveil the statue, which is to be situated on the corner of King Street and Queen Street in the city centre.

Barbara Clough told the BBC. ‘The small group of volunteers who raised the money and the many fans who supported the fund will be delighted.’

The statue cost £60,000 and the money for it was raised by The Brian Clough Statue Fund, with help from the City Council. It’s hoped that current Forest manager Colin Calderwood will also be present at the unveiling.


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  • He will be turning in his grave with your current form…….and if you dont improve soon…when the statue goes up… will walk away in embarrisment….

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