Date: 23rd May 2007 at 8:28am
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Strange things seem to be going round, the bookies will not take anymore bets on ‘Psycho’ becomming the next Forest Manager.

I tried to place a small bet last night on Pearce becomming the next Reds manager and they would not allow my to place a bet.

I decided to try other well know establishments and they were all the same, pushing for further information, one teller informed me that they had been told from above that they were not allowed to take any further bets.

Does this mean that something is iminent?????

You Decide


3 Replies to “Bookies Close Bets On Psycho”

  • Same happened with Keane last season apparently – so it means very little. Plus “the next manager” doesn’t mean anything imminent – it could be in three years time!

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