Date: 12th June 2011 at 9:14pm
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When Billy Davies was appointed manager of Nottingham Forest in 2009, he took control of a team that was on the fast track back to League 1. His first game in charge, saw us sitting just two places above the drop zone, but the 3 points picked up in a 2-0 win away at Charlton, began an eventful two and a half year rollercoaster ride that would ultimately end up with him being given the boot today.

Davies managed to drag the club to the relative comfort of a 19th place finish in the table by the time that season came to an end. It was a position that most fans thought impossible, when he took over from his predecessor Colin Calderwood at the turn of the year.

That summer saw some serious investment in the squad and backing from the chairman Nigel Doughty. Unfortunately for Davies, it was to be the first and only time he would receive the backing he desired to take the club forward. The manager rightly said at the start of the 2009/10 campaign, that the club were only playing catchup with the rest of the teams in the division, such was the state of affairs at the club when he arrived.

That season ended with the team playing some of the most attractive and entertaining football witnessed at the City Ground for a generation. Not since the days of Paul Hart did we have a team that played with such flair and panache. Davies managed to secure a place in the end of season Playoffs, which as we all know by now ended in a bitter defeat at the hands of Blackpool.

It was a disappointing end to a season, that saw us at one stage sitting just one place behind eventual champions Newcastle. We finished a more than credible 3rd in the table, with tiredness and a lack of squad depth, blamed for an end of season collapse and slump in form.

A failure to back the manager in the next three transfer windows, was the beginning of the end in the love/hate relationship between Davies and the board. You could drive a bus through the cracks in that relationship, but according to the chairman Nigel Doughty, all was well within the club. The 2010/11 campaign was a stop start affair throughout, but once again Davies managed to drag the team to the playoffs, but it once again ended in heartbreak for the fans and the club, this time at the hands of Swansea.

The season ended with both the manager and board swearing allegiance to each other, but they were only words to paper over the cracks. The fragile peace that had apparently ensued, only lasted a matter of days before the rumours of yet another split appeared in the press. The only question that remained, was whether Davies would walk, or would he be pushed. As it turned out, he was pushed, which probably means that his silence has been bought and that Doughty can carry on running the club as he himself sees fit.

Davies’ biggest downfall was the fact that he had a big mouth. The fact he told the truth about how the club was being run, would be of little consequence to him in the end and would of course be the reason for his demise. It was always the case that it would be Doughty who would have the last laugh, when he swung his trusty axe. That axe was swung today, when Billy Davies was booted out the door, approximately half a million pounds richer, providing he keeps schtum. Thanks for everything you’ve done Billy, you made us almost great again. Without doubt you were the best manager since Paul Hart and possibly even Harry Bassett in my opinion. I’m not sure where you will resurface next, but I for one would like to wish you all the best and thankyou for all you’ve done.

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6 Replies to “Billy Davies – You’re Fired! But Thank You”

  • My son told me this had happened but I found it difficult to believe-so saw it for myself then drank a bottle and a bit of wine watching it rain.My considered opinion-ND strikes me as being like someone trying to win Come Dine With Me by shopping in Tesco’s Reduced to Clear.Better way was always to employ top chef and leave him to do it on Tesco Value with pennies left over.Billy was great but always BOGOF.This time a year ago we would have stood no chance of getting SMc.Have we just got lucky?Has Tesco finest fortuitously arrived at its sell by date and so now or never ? ND- make sure he can buy the ingredients if you want to win with his souflee(?)Sorry but been drinking for bloody understandable reasons.

  • Billy – best manager since BC. What you achieved, with such a small squad (and no left back when it counted. Twice)… We were the width of the post away from Wembley, played some fantastic flowing football, and rose head and shoulders above those down the A5-2.

    You will be sorely missed. Whoever we get has a lot to live up to.

  • I can’t believe anyone would say Billy Davies was best since Clough!! Frank Clark and Paul Hart spring to mind, especially the former. Davis did a decent job after decent investment. But, I truly believe he is overrated and this season has proved it, i also believe he overrated himself. His tactics against Swansea were all over the place in the first game and his insistance on having a glut of rotational strikers at the expense of investment in a bread and butter left back and an experienced playmaking midfielder. Forest needs to regular partner strikers with good backups not a striking bench the length of the bench.

  • Clark did it with much of Cloughies team. Other than SVC he was found wanting in the transfer market and was the beginning of the downfall!! Hart did an awesome job and just like BD has been shafted four square up the backside by a circus of a board!!

  • Hi from a Charlton fan…on the face of it this seems a reckless decision, he was in the frame for Charlton but we appointed Pardew instead…he has a great track record and if we did not have a manager and I was Charlton chairman I would be ringing him up right now! I am sure Mc Claren can do a job, but I do not see him as an improvement on Billy Davies, anyway best wishes for the comming season!

  • The puerile incompetence of this Forest hierarchy never ceases to amaze me. Let’s just hope that Marthur and Pleat don’t sabotage Wally in the same way they did Billy. All the best to you Billy, you did us proud and deserved better.

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